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   HiCOS PKI Smart Card SDK

HiCOS PKI Smart Card Software Development Kit provides necessary packaged tools (including smart card, card reader, device driver, middleware, application software) for implementing PKI smart card as a security mechanism in information systems. For enterprises which choose to strengthen their IT security by adopting PKI technology, the addition of PKI smart card will further facilitate e-transactions and integration of IT.

  1. Standard-compliant: compliant to ISO/IEC 7816 Part 3, 4 and international PKI standards.
  2. Encrypted transmission: messages such as commands and responds between servers and cards are encrypted.
  3. Multi-purpose SDK: our SDK can be used for developing various applications, such as e-wallet, e-transaction, electronic document exchange, etc.
  4. Multi-purpose card: smart card can be applied in various application, such as traffic IC card.
  5. Hierarchical security: PKI smart card supports hierarchical security management mechanism.
  6. Support various algorithms: our SDK supports Triple-DES, RSA, SHA-1.
  7. Leak-proof private key: key pair (1024 bits) is generated on the smart card to prevent leakage of private key.
  8. Multiple platforms feasible: SDK can be used on Windows, Linux, Solaris.
  9. Certified chip: embedded chip is Common Criteria and VISA Level 3certified.
  1. Convenient and secure: multi-purpose card and leak-proof private key provides convenient and secure use to the customers.
  2. Reduce development cost: multi-purpose SDK helps IT personnel to develop security functions in shorter time.
  3. Enhance corporate image: by adopting strong security mechanism enterprises can effectively reduce the possibilities of information leakage, protect customers privacy, and therefore enhance corporate image.
  1. Enterprises: system log-in, e-mail, website access, e-transaction
  2. Government: electronic document exchange, e-mail
  3. Financial industry: e-wallet or e-purse
  1. Certification Authority of Ministry of Interior: Citizen digital certificate
  2. Taipei City Government: employ e-badge trial run, office document integration system
  3. Yi Lan County Government: M-City school e-memo

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