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Chunghwa Telecom ecommerce Public Key Infrastructure (ePKI) was set up by Chunghwa Telecom (CHT). Its purpose is to issuing certificates and strengthen electronic commerce infrastructure.
It is the Hierarchy PKI based on ITU-T X.509 standard, within the framework, an ePKI Root Certification Authority (eCA) acts as the trust anchor and issues certificates to subordinate certification authority (CA). There are four subordinate certification authorities, Public certification authority (Public CA) , ePKI Timestamping Certification Authority (eTSCA), CHT SMIME Certification Authority (CHT SMIME CA) and Government TLS Certification Authority (GTLSCA). Public CA CHT SMIME CA and eTSCA are owned and operated by Chunghwa Telecom. Public CA issues certificates to the general public including natural persons, organizations, equipment, and application software. eTSCA is a technical constraints CA and issue time-stamping certificates for time-stamping unit of a time-stamping authority. CHT SMIME CA issues secure email certificates to Organizations and citizens. GTLSCA is owned by National Development Council. GTLSCA issues organization validation (OV) SSL/TLS certificates to Taiwan’s Government agency (organization) and unit.



eCA's Repository has published CHT SMIME CA's CA certificate.

English version of ePKI CP version 1.9 has been published in repository.

English version of eTSCA CPS version 1.01 has been published in repository.

English version of ePKI CP Version 1.8, eCA CPS Version 1.7, 1.67 and Public CA CPS Version 2.0 have been published in repository.

English version of HiPKI CP Version 1.05, HiPKI RCA CPS Version 1.05 and HiPKI EV TLS CA CPS version 1.05 have been published in HiPKI Repository.

eCA's Repository has published new self-issued certificates & ePKI Timestamping CA's CA certificate.

English version of ePKI CP Version 1.75 and eCA CPS Version 1.65 have been published in repository.